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Ebony Silvers ~ T D McKinney
supreme ruler of the universe- someday
Yeah, I know. It's been forever. See, I have this dilemma. I post on Facebook once in a while. Maybe once a week. I could post the same here. But then I feel like I'm spamming. Ugh! Advice ia appreciated. Is it rude to x-post to the different media?

In the mean time - catch up! I have a two new books out since last I posted. God, I'm so pathetic at this.

StripTease is a straight suspense romance. An elite unit of FBI agents go undercover as strippers to catch a crooked senator. So much fun to write! When we finished, we turned it over to an FBI unit for a test drive. Yeah, real special agents. How cool is that? Their opinion? They loved it. So much so that one of them allowed us to quote him on the book cover saying we couldn't have gotten any closer to reality unless we wrote from a case file. His boss has declared I'm either psychic or I've hack his files. LOL - should any of you be reading this - love you, Rick, Gary, Nicole, Mel, Steve, and all! And Terry and I are now a tad frightened because we honestly thought we were writing pure fantasy. Oh the things those boys and girls do to keep us safe!

Solitude & Sea Glass is a contemporary gay romance. An Oscar-winning actor retreats to an island off the coast of Maine when a crazed fan slashes his face. Thinking his now-destroyed beauty is all he has to offer anyone, it's up to his new summer intern to convince him he has more to offer than looks alone. It's already gotten 2 great reviews. This was fun too since it let me find out more about Terry's home state of Maine. We had help on this one from an Oscar-winning hair dresser and a native of Maine.

Have I mentioned I have the most interesting friends?

Otherwise - I'm getting ready to head to New Orleans in a week and a half. I'm going down for EPICon. I have those two finalist nominations, I'm presenting the award for Contemporary Romance, and I'm doing some author pitches for Red Rose. Hey, any excuse to get me to New Orleans, 'kay?

I'm working on... three books currently. One is done and shipped off to the FBI for review. It's about the outcome of a charity bachelor auction. I've just started one for one my favorite active special agent called "Guardian." He gets to star as a different sort of guardian angel. Man, does he look good with big black wings. And we've started the sequel to The Wolfe Proxy. We've set it in Bay Mignon, AL to finish out the "Southern Beaus" set.

I just finished my 26th cover for Red Rose and am really enjoying doing the cover art. Just tons of fun. Check the website for all the info on the books and such. Some of the covers are up there, too. T D McKinney.com

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Thank you, meri_mccombs.

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I finally learned to make the things.  But can I figure out how to embed it here?  No. 

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I know I keep saying I'm going to get better at this but let's be real - it ain't gonna happen.  I'm going to post in fits and starts and though I read my flist, I hardly ever comment.  I just sort of lurk. I suppose this falls under the "face the reality of it and deal with" heading.

Right now, I'm procrastinating.  It's Sunday night and I don't want to particularly do anything.  Not that I don't have plenty that needs doing.  I have a book outline to finish for a sequel to "A Matter of Necessity."  I have a book outline to do for the contemporary western gay mystery that's pinging the walls of my brain so hard it hurts.  I could redesign my website... Naw, not till I learn CSS.  Mostly I need to take all this stuff Kris is sending me about the BTK and organize it so when I do sit down to write it, I won't be looking through emails. 

Speaking of BTK - that man's head is weirder than even I thought it would be and I'm pretty good at imagining weird.  It's not that it's more evil...That I expected and am not shocked.  It's just...different.  A sort of mental processing I've never envisioned even with the nasty fictional SK's I've come up with or any of the other real ones I've read about.  How can I describe it... Complex simplicity.  I know - that sounds like something that can't exist but that's what it is - complex simplicity.  I'm getting flashes where I think I know how he's thinking in particular situations.  I almost hear his voice.  But not quite.  I have a nasty suspicion I am going to have to meet him just to get that in my head. And this is needed because I'm writing alternating chapters - Kris's POV and then his.  Yeah - murder from the POV of that man.  Oiy.  I really am insane.

A now-adult child of one of his victims wants to talk to me.  He feels the need to share what witness as Rader murdered his mother.  I'm doing some mental and emotional gearing up for that one.  Yeah - back to the "I'm insane" thing.

In other less depressing news - I bought a bottle of absinthe.  Interesting stuff historically.  And now that it's legal again, I wanted to try it.  Oddly, it tastes like paregoric.  You know, that stuff parents used to drug their kids with?  Well, maybe you have to be a certain age to remember it.  It was also THE cure for tummy aches.  Well, yeah - OPIUM!  You don't hurt when you're wasted.  LOL.  Any how, shelled out the $ for the good absinthe, French no less and from a company that made it way back before it was banned.  Not bad.  VERY strong flavor.  A bit like Drambuie but not syrupy sweet.  No visions from the Green Fairy for me though.  Oh well...

I love networking.  Have a friend of a friend whose husband is a producer.  A real one - used to be a VP at New Line.  He's agreed to sort of mentor Traci and I though what you need to do to get your book in front of the right people.  Now how sweet is that??

Actually have the Xmas tree up and read for Tiny Daughter to decorate.  House will never be clean unless I'm not working or I hire someone so I just keep it livable. 

I think I'll go to NOLA in March.  Likely alone but hey - that's usually how I travel.  I miss the city.

Okay - rambled enough.  Going back to my hot mocha and absinthe.  Ta, loves, until the next time I get the urge to ramble again.

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Should anyone be interested, tl_lawrence and I have written a Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy fic.  It's over at TedAtherton.com Forums .  Hey, cowboys, romance, the last Canadian frontier, WWII, a hero who was even more impressive (and crazy) in real life than he was on the TV show... what more can a girl ask for.

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Man in Coma Heard Everything for 23 Years

That is just terrifying.  Oddly someone was arguing with me this week about my book Prognosis saying that people under these circumstance weren't aware.  Yeah, right.  That poor man.
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Me - Live. http://ping.fm/AMvns
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I promise I'm going to be better about posting things... real soon now.  In the mean time:

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4 Nymphs from Literary Nymphs.

Walking After Midnight 

"This is a book that makes you think twice about living a normal life versus what can happen if you allow others to influence you...hope that there will be another book forthcoming."

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Be stalked by the best.

FBI Dallas - love you guys!

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