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A Post, A Post, My Kingdom for a Post... - Ebony Silvers ~ T D McKinney
supreme ruler of the universe- someday
A Post, A Post, My Kingdom for a Post...
Yeah, I know. It's been forever. See, I have this dilemma. I post on Facebook once in a while. Maybe once a week. I could post the same here. But then I feel like I'm spamming. Ugh! Advice ia appreciated. Is it rude to x-post to the different media?

In the mean time - catch up! I have a two new books out since last I posted. God, I'm so pathetic at this.

StripTease is a straight suspense romance. An elite unit of FBI agents go undercover as strippers to catch a crooked senator. So much fun to write! When we finished, we turned it over to an FBI unit for a test drive. Yeah, real special agents. How cool is that? Their opinion? They loved it. So much so that one of them allowed us to quote him on the book cover saying we couldn't have gotten any closer to reality unless we wrote from a case file. His boss has declared I'm either psychic or I've hack his files. LOL - should any of you be reading this - love you, Rick, Gary, Nicole, Mel, Steve, and all! And Terry and I are now a tad frightened because we honestly thought we were writing pure fantasy. Oh the things those boys and girls do to keep us safe!

Solitude & Sea Glass is a contemporary gay romance. An Oscar-winning actor retreats to an island off the coast of Maine when a crazed fan slashes his face. Thinking his now-destroyed beauty is all he has to offer anyone, it's up to his new summer intern to convince him he has more to offer than looks alone. It's already gotten 2 great reviews. This was fun too since it let me find out more about Terry's home state of Maine. We had help on this one from an Oscar-winning hair dresser and a native of Maine.

Have I mentioned I have the most interesting friends?

Otherwise - I'm getting ready to head to New Orleans in a week and a half. I'm going down for EPICon. I have those two finalist nominations, I'm presenting the award for Contemporary Romance, and I'm doing some author pitches for Red Rose. Hey, any excuse to get me to New Orleans, 'kay?

I'm working on... three books currently. One is done and shipped off to the FBI for review. It's about the outcome of a charity bachelor auction. I've just started one for one my favorite active special agent called "Guardian." He gets to star as a different sort of guardian angel. Man, does he look good with big black wings. And we've started the sequel to The Wolfe Proxy. We've set it in Bay Mignon, AL to finish out the "Southern Beaus" set.

I just finished my 26th cover for Red Rose and am really enjoying doing the cover art. Just tons of fun. Check the website for all the info on the books and such. Some of the covers are up there, too. T D McKinney.com

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

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stretfordditto From: stretfordditto Date: February 23rd, 2010 06:24 am (UTC) (Link)
Congrats on the new books. :D Give my love to Nola. *hugs*
shadowakiyah From: shadowakiyah Date: February 28th, 2010 12:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Hi hon,

It's not how often you post, it's what you say when you do - trust me, I'm terrible at blogging!

Gld to see that you're doing well, and still busy with the writing :) I looked up some old stuff and came across a post of yours asking for old BV fics, just wanted to let you know I have a ton (there's loads still on the BV site at S&D (I never took it down) www.shadows-and-dust.co.uk/Babyverse

I also have that one I started writing that you mentioned here ages ago.. If you still want it, let me know. I don't have a current email addy for you, so if you PM me yours via here I'll email it to you. (You'll have to let me know your postal addy too, so I can snail-mail spam you with something I saw that reminded me of you.

Still think of you often, maman...

ebony_silvers From: ebony_silvers Date: February 28th, 2010 03:05 am (UTC) (Link)
* Hugs * Esme, sweetpea! So good to hear from you.

I know the S&D BV site is still up - I visit once in a while.

Yeah, I'm staying busy. Slash works well for me. LOL. Newest gay romance is doing well on Amazon. Who'd a thunk it?

You can always find me at tdm@tdmckinney.com . Yeah, that's the public email but it's monitored most of the time. The others may only get looked at once a day.

Email and let me know how you and the girls are doing. I think of you a often, too.

stretfordditto From: stretfordditto Date: September 20th, 2010 03:55 pm (UTC) (Link)

Is this your last post, 20th February!!! I can't get onto Facebook, you really should post to both. :D I was worried about Ten, heard about some fires? :(
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